Sunday, April 18, 2010


Probably the easiest thing I have done this year. I like how you can use other peoples searches and customise them to suit yourself - very handy and time saving.
My Rollyo username is: maria105
The name of my search roll is: Library Search
These are the URLS I have listed:

Why did I decide to create this specific search roll with these specific URLS? Because these are the sites I have referred to the most this year during this course. Some I really like - the first two are my definite favourites: the first because it is a useful site on technology in schools and the second because it is a blog by a librarian who faces issues at his school I can relate to. Both have useful up to date information on libraries and technology. I will, however, probably delete the last three: my blog, the site on the Harvard style of referencing and the AACR2 abbreviations (as these are useful now but I will probably not be referring to these as much after the course).

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