Saturday, April 17, 2010


I came across this organiser app (2Do) and thought it would be great to replace all those sticky labels I have at work (sticky labels represent my "To Do" list and are forever becoming unstuck and blowing away every time someone opens the door. On top of everything else, they are messy!) What caught my eye was that one user commented that it almost exactly replicated what he would have in his diary.
Some of the features include: tabbed calendars; drag and drop to move a "To Do" from one calendar to the next; email alarms; image attachments so you can add an image to any task; project and check lists and snooze alarms. There are many more - too many to list! Click on this link to see for yourself:


  1. Yes must admit Maria I am a bit of a sticky notes person as well. Lots of lists. Had a quick look at this and it looks pretty good with all the coloured tabs. Nice and easy to work.

  2. I like it too but think the sticky notes will do me for now. I seem to have too many applicaions to keep track of! (I need a sticky note for them all!!)

  3. This sounds very useful for someone like me who doesn't have a proper electronic organiser, and tends to lose their written notes.