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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This week we looked at e-portfolios; this particular one is called Mahara.
My impressions? Very very easy to use - at least the part we did at the Polytechnic was. At home we have been asked to simply put our blogs, flickr photos and YouTube videos in the External links section. And guess what I am having trouble with???
Anyway Janine explained how to do our blogs and I asked Leonie about the rest as I could not for the life of me find a way to link the sites with the e-portfolio. Although I cannot make heads or tail of her answer this is what Leonie suggested:

It might be easier to use the portfolio option and attach the YouTube video and the Fickr photos as files. I can't see an option in Flickr to link directly to the site but there is a way on YouTube to embed the video - may be useful for your blog.

Good luck!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Probably the easiest thing I have done this year. I like how you can use other peoples searches and customise them to suit yourself - very handy and time saving.
My Rollyo username is: maria105
The name of my search roll is: Library Search
These are the URLS I have listed:

Why did I decide to create this specific search roll with these specific URLS? Because these are the sites I have referred to the most this year during this course. Some I really like - the first two are my definite favourites: the first because it is a useful site on technology in schools and the second because it is a blog by a librarian who faces issues at his school I can relate to. Both have useful up to date information on libraries and technology. I will, however, probably delete the last three: my blog, the site on the Harvard style of referencing and the AACR2 abbreviations (as these are useful now but I will probably not be referring to these as much after the course).

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I came across this organiser app (2Do) and thought it would be great to replace all those sticky labels I have at work (sticky labels represent my "To Do" list and are forever becoming unstuck and blowing away every time someone opens the door. On top of everything else, they are messy!) What caught my eye was that one user commented that it almost exactly replicated what he would have in his diary.
Some of the features include: tabbed calendars; drag and drop to move a "To Do" from one calendar to the next; email alarms; image attachments so you can add an image to any task; project and check lists and snooze alarms. There are many more - too many to list! Click on this link to see for yourself:

Friday, April 16, 2010

My YouTube Video

This is the YouTube Video I filmed last week (with lots of help!) It shows how to check out a laptop at the Polytechnic Library.